photo by Cay Lang

“I art, I paint it, study it, look at it, change it,

exhibit it, and I used to teach it. I could not live without it.

Not in this world. Not in my lifetime.

I also color, cultivate, taste, touch, and poetry.

I prune and feed. I fail, despair, breakthrough and weep.

I catalyst, I organize, and I convene.

I leave on a jet plane,

I gather ingredients, I invite you over.

I collect, while cultivating a minimalist sensibility.

I search, I meditate, I Buddha.

I California and walk my dog. 

I, here and now.”


Sas Colby, Berkeley, CA 2017

with apologies to C.D. Wright




An early selfie, taken on a Paris rooftop in 1982, with my 1939 Brownie camera.