Mr. & Mrs.

Mixed Media Paintings with Found Objects, 2000

The Seasons, 1994, mixed media, 36” x 43”

The Seasons, 1994

I’ve Moved, 806, 1983, Book of altered photographs and photo stamps with journal entries

Artist Photographic Books, 1981-1987

Box for Rumi, 1978

Textile Constructions, 1978

Textile with xerox transfers, cardboard armature with padding, hand stitching & buttons. 8" across. ©1978

Self Portrait Couch, 1978

Mixed fabrics on cardboard armature with padding, miniature bird, needle & thread. 10" high. ©1979

Bird Finds Thread of Life, 1979


Lifebook, 1976-78

Three Brownie Books ©1981 each book measures approximately 5” across

Brownie Books

Various one-of-a-kind, variable sizes, stitched drawings on found handkerchiefs,
copied in different configurations in color xerox, and assembled into books with
plastic bindings.

Textile Erotica, 1978-81


Fabric Books, 1977-1980


Early Textile Work, 1972


Masks for Two, and a Group Garment for Five People, 1972

Eternity, 1992

Canvas Books, 1990-1992