Artist’s Statement


If being an artist is a calling, I’ve been called. For me, making art employs all the senses with color, form,

and especially touch dominating my work. Add the enrichment of travel, a quest for meaning through

symbolism, humanistic and political concerns, along with my sensual garden, and you’ll find all of this in

the mix of my fifty-year career in teaching and the visual arts. The pleasure of craft and the perplexity

and delight in living continue to find their way into my art. I live and work in Berkeley, California.

Sas Colby

July 2017

True North

Book Objects

Greek Book.v2_2

Greek Notebook


Four Head Studies

Black gesso on paper, 14" x 17" ©2015

Hopi Girl, Head Study

24" x 36", acrylic and oil varnish on canvas. ©2015

Japanese Reflections

Black gesso and tea on paper, 24" x 18" ©2015

Couple, Head Study


Zen Garden

36" x  30", Acrylic & Flasche on canvas ©2015

Morning Glories


Fashion Heads Series

24" x 18", Acrylic & Flasche on canvas. ©2014

Guilded Vines

40" x 36" , Acrylic, Flasche, & textile on canvas ©2014

Garden Path

40″ x 36″, Acrylic and Flasche on canvas ©2014

Backyard Garden

36″ x 40″. Acrylic and Flasche on canvas with collaged prayer flags

Garden Buddha

Acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 30″

Winter Garden


Psychic Research, Canvas Book 1995

Listening: Acrylic on unstretched canvas. 35" x 30" ©1997


Roses and Euphorbia: Acrylic on canvas. 18" x 24" © 2013

Roses and Euphorbia

Summer Garden: Acrylic on canvas. 40" x 35" © 2013

Summer Garden

Pollen Count #1 and #2: Acrylic and vinyl on board with found frame. 19" x 16" © 2013

Pollen Count

Blue Garden Acrylic and vinyl on canvas. 40" x 35" © 2013

Blue Garden


World of Books

Acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16", ©2013



Body Bags

Bunnies on Ice in plexi slip case

Bunnies On Ice


Piero Series


In Our Own Image

Burmese Twins: 22" w x 18.5" h Encaustic Print ©2004

Buddha Series




Fault Lines




Power Lines


Six Buddhas and a Burmese Girl Book


Communicating in the Late Twentieth Century



Bunny Drawing on Folded Silk: 13" x 18" Newspaper, gesso, pencil, shellac, stitched to silk. ©2003

Bunny Series


Self Portraits

Requiem, 1994
One-of-a-kind book, approximately 5" x 7"
Pages of painted scrim with wax and stitching, attached bone, buttons and stone, with a wooden hinged cover.




Rembrandt's Lute ©1996

Mixed Media Constructions


Poet’s Tool Box

Mr. & Mrs.

Mixed Media Paintings with Found Objects, 2000

The Seasons, 1994, mixed media, 36” x 43”

The Seasons, 1994

I’ve Moved, 806, 1983, Book of altered photographs and photo stamps with journal entries

Artist Photographic Books, 1981-1987

Box for Rumi, 1978

Textile Constructions, 1978

Textile with xerox transfers, cardboard armature with padding, hand stitching & buttons. 8" across. ©1978

Self Portrait Couch, 1978

Mixed fabrics on cardboard armature with padding, miniature bird, needle & thread. 10" high. ©1979

Bird Finds Thread of Life, 1979


Lifebook, 1976-78

Three Brownie Books ©1981 each book measures approximately 5” across

Brownie Books

Various one-of-a-kind, variable sizes, stitched drawings on found handkerchiefs,
copied in different configurations in color xerox, and assembled into books with
plastic bindings.

Textile Erotica, 1978-81


Fabric Books, 1977-1980


Early Textile Work, 1972

Body Masks: Muslim 2 person fit

Masks for Two, and a Group Garment for Five People, 1972

Eternity 1992

Canvas Books, 1990-1992