Sheila Perry and I had a delightful drawing date at the Oakland Zoo a few weeks back. It was our first visit to the zoo and we appreciated the layout and that we could get close enough to really see the animals. We were especially drawn to the beautiful group (herd?) of seven giraffes, seemingly enjoying life in the Oakland hills. Have you ever watched a giraffe move from a standing to a sitting position? First they get down on their front knees, then their backside gently lowers to the ground. The choreography is equally fascinating going from sitting to standing. They sat still enough for us to draw them and get a good look at those knobs on their heads. As they moved around languorously they seemed to stay in groups, enjoying being close to each other. The Oakland Zoo is small enough to enjoy  a short visit, moving easily between the African elephants, the lion, monkeys and birds. Thanks, Sheila, for a pleasant outing


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